Wisconsin Aging & Grading Cheese, Inc.

One of The Largest Purveyors of Aged Cheddar Cheese

WAG Cheese is a cheese wholesaler specializing in aging quality cheddar cheese. We have been continually learning and mastering the art, science, and nuance of aging cheddars for over 22 years. Having just the right balance of flavor, body, & texture makes our cheddar taste like more. We offer a number of services from grading, aging programs, spot sales, flavor profiling, private labeling to warehousing and financing programs.

As a family owned business, we treat our customers like we want to be treated. We operate under the highest of integrity, honesty, and loyalty. We believe helping our customers be successful is what makes our company a success. Cheese is our family's legacy and we look forward to being around for generations to come.

We diligently age cheddars from fresh (30 days) to 18 years. Our cheddar is available in yellow or white and in quantities of individual blocks, full truck loads, vats and pallet quantities.